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We Are the First of Our Kind

Our program was the first and may still be the only Yoga Alliance approved and registered 200 hour teacher training for youth ages 12 - 17 (at enrollment). Our graduates will not only have incredible knowledge of authentic yoga practices and principles but also have studies in practical life skills - money management, positive self-awareness, and more!


Why Our Training?

There are so many benefits for adolescents to train in yoga but what makes our training outstanding is primarily two-fold: Our training schedule is designed for the development of teens, and our Board of Mentors, who all will be leading our participants, is unmatched. We do not believe you will find this combination in any other training offered today!


Our first training began 6/11/18 and we are ongoing.

There is opportunity to earn 30 hours Monday through Saturday on intensive weeks. Additional hours on intensive Saturdays during the school year. 2 years to complete 200 hours. Classes begin at Noon and end at 6pm generally.


QUESTION: When can a student start training?

ANSWER: Although beginning with a week long intensive is helpful, students can begin training for their certification ANY DAY training is held. When school is in session, there are two 5.5 hour opportunities a month on 2 consecutive Saturdays. This means 11 hours per month may be earned and still teens can "have a life" outside of training. 

QUESTION: Why not get it done faster by having 5 consecutive weeks of training?

ANSWER: We offer options to earn additional hours with our instructors. However, we have found that teens need time to digest and apply the teachings. 30 hours per week is very intense, mentally and physically. Changes begin to take place immediately. Our experience - students become better instructors when they are applying the principles and practices of authentic yoga and that requires time outside of training.

Our participants will have hands-on classroom teaching experience before they graduate and will be offered internships (based on availability) and able to be employed as a YA Registered Yoga Instructor upon completion. We work with the community to support our students earning opportunities. 

Follow this link to learn about labor laws in Arizona.


Parent Testimonials

"For any parent that is considering this for their teenager, my stepdaughter has had too much heartache in her 14 years. I watched steel armor being built around her heart over the past couple years, her face most often sad, her energy most often angry. Intense irritation almost all of the time...far more than the normal teenage angst. Now...after 1.5 weeks in Y2T2, she comes to me and says, "Amy, I have never been THIS happy. I am happy all the time. I am light. I love this life." If that's not a testimony to the miraculous nature of this program, I don't know what is. What I do know is that my eyes are leaking all the time, happy grateful tears, as I watch her being given (and I watch her accepting) an invitation to the path of healing.  Send your kids to Y2T2!!

“A few days into the program I noticed a shift in her behavior. She was calmer and didn't try to push my buttons as she usually does, I didn't say anything to her. Just let it be to see if this would continue, one week goes by and I asked her if her behavior was intentional and she said yes. "Mom, it's just easier." She's happier than I've seen her in a long time, her perspective has changed, she engages with the rest of the family more than she had been. I'm so grateful for the changes I see in her. I'm beyond excited for what she will do with this practice for herself, and eventually what she will share with others.”

"This program and these mentors have been amazing! Watching my teen transform before my eyes...self love, inner beauty, confidence, humility, gratitude, patience, acceptance, who is this teenager!!?"

"(Our teen)  loves the program and it is making her so happy!"

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The Shreyas School of Yoga Living operates under flexible hours based on our students. Our focus is the training and practice for those seeking their true nature - peace, happiness, truth, wisdom and bliss.